Rental Trucks

Rental Trucks

U-Haul Moving Vans - Precisely Right For Your Self-Moving Needs

U-Haul offers the newest and largest fleet of moving vans in the industry.

Superior For One-Way Or In-Town Rentals

Moving one way? Then your best selections to handle your upcoming move is clearly one of our new large moving vans.

Load Your Goods Easily And Pamper Them As You Travel

Easier loading has never been simpler, thanks to our Low Decks. Plus, our EZ Load Ramps - the widest in the industry - reduce the time and effort needed to take your belongings in and out of the van body.

A Host Of Convenient Features

Convenient rub rails with integral tie-downs on interior walls, smooth decks and plenty of other built-in features ensure your possessions come out of the van in the same condition as they were when they went in. Easy loading. Smooth driving. With U-Haul trucks, you don't have to be a professional to move like one. Ask about our Jumbo Size It program and move in one trip!

We are a licensed and authorized u-haul dealer serving the Greater Hickory Area for more than 15 years.

Call us at 828.325.4934 to reserve your U-Haul Truck today!